Octopus Garden is the largest (and one of the very few) in house processor of tenderized Spanish octopus and cuttlefish in the United States. We have strict Quality control on our products due to the fact all the processing is done here at our facility. We import FOB (frozen on board) octopus and cuttlefish (the freshest available) that is considered sushi grade. We then begin the tenderization process. We have custom made stainless steel tumblers which simulate the process used by fisherman in the Mediterranean for centuries. Fisherman used to take the octopus after coming into the port and hit it repeatedly against the rocks on the shoreline. Our process gives the same finished outcome in a more efficient matter.

We are proud to be one of the very few suppliers to offer domestic hand cleaned squid. The market is flooded with many imported products from India & China, the reason we only offer domestic is that the quality is superior. Our hand cleaned domestic squid is cleaned, packaged, and frozen right here at our facility.